Retractable full bed Taylor- Tuxedo

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Retractable full bed - Tuxedo

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Ceiling height required for assembly is a minimum of 96’’

Brushed Aluminium handles

Safety lock and strap to retain mattress when opening and closing the bed

Bed legs are retractable, removable and  built-in

Possibility of unused interior storage to place a 15’’ mattress, othewise it’s recommended that the mattress does not exceed 10’’

Made of thermofused melamine

Strong, durable and easy to clean

Modular with several of our products

Maximum weight in the box when the bed is closed : 75 pounds / 34 kg with bedding and mattress
Maximum weight in the box when the bed is opened : 750 pounds / 340 kg with bedding and mattress

Made in Québec

Assembly required
Easy adjustment of the spring tension by the bolt located at the back of the mechanism

Quality Italian spring mechanism, approved for 20,000 bed opening and closing cycles

Dimensions close
Length Width Height
15 3/4" 45 1/8" 82"
Dimensions open
Length Width Height
85" 45 1/8" 82"


Dimensions box 1
Length Width Height Weight
82 5/8" 29 3/8" 3 1/8" 185 lbs
Dimensions box 2
Length Width Height Weight
70" 20" 5 1/4" 150 lbs
Dimensions box 3
Length Width Height Weight
15 3/4" 13" 3 3/8" 28 lbs




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